The Birmingham Museum lets you explore a World War II bomb damage report online, as well as some other great activities to print out!

Watch a multimedia presentation and read survivors tales about Pearl Harborat this National Geographic site.

During World War II, The Atlantic Ocean was a battlefield. Try to outwit the German U-Boats in this game from BBC.

Visit one of the escape tunnels created by Allied airmen imprisoned as Nazi POW's during World War II. Be amazed at the ingenuity & resourcefulness of these men!

Look at pictures, read its history, and tour the U-505 submarine, currently on exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

What was it like for a child during World War II in Europe? Find out from this interactive site from BBC.

Live your own WWII Experience with realistic graphics as you venture into enemy territory.

This game is for the older student! Use the Leadership Profile to find outWhich Historical Military Leader You Are Most Like .

Explore the USS Pampanito, a submarine that America built and used during World War II.