Create a Simple Animation Activity for Kids

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a simple animated gif image using the free program "UnFREEz".
This is a very easy Windows based drag and drop program that requires no installation. Just put UnFreeze on the desktop and run it from there.

This tutorial could used as the basis for a lab activity teaching the concept of animated images for elementary age children and up.

Create simple animation activity for kids.


What  you will need:

Unfreez animator

Two or more .gif images for animating.

What  you will do:

Drag and drop images to the animator interface, 
set the frame delay time and make the animation.

Step One:

Place UnFREEz and the .gif images on the desktop. Drag and drop the images onto the UnFREEz frames window.

K-5 computer lab Easy Animation Activity for Kids


Step Two:

Set the frame delay. Lower numbers make the animations faster, higher numbers are slower. Experiment. 
Click "Make Animated GIF" and name and save your file when prompted.

Animation activity for kids. Easy and fun.


Note: Open your animated gif in your browser to see it in action. Right click on the image and select "open with" and choose your browser.  Some image viewing programs like Microsoft's Office Picture Manager won't play the animated gif files.


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