5th Video Production          Brainstorming QUESTIONS


Answser the questions to help you brainstorm.


1. What are the school’s colors?


2. What is the earliest you can start attending the school? What is the highest grade level?


3. What is the Montessori Method?


4. How is this school different from other schools?


5. Does this school offer any specialty classes?


6. Does this school have a saying, phrase or tagline?


7. Does this school have a logo? 


8. Does the school have a mascot? If so what is it?


9. Are there any special events hosted by the school?


10. Who founded the school? How long has the school been in business?


11.  Does the school offer after school clubs? If so what are they?


12.  What are the schools hours?


13.  Ask three teachers or students or the owner or the administrator, to list their top five likes about MMS.


14. What is the school’s address, website, email and phone#.


****Go to Millhopper.com to help you answer some of the questions.***