Mixtures and Solutions Jeopardy Answers

4th and 5th Grade Jeopardy Answers


Investigation 1:

10 pts-  A substance containing two or more materials that are stirred together.

20 pts- A screen

30 pts- Water and ice

40 pts- A solution

50 pts- Shape and pattern


Investigation 2:

10 pts- capable of being dissolved

20 pts- he made a saturated solution

30 pts- add more solvent or heat the solution up

40 pts- sand and water

50 pts- 65g


Investigation 3:

10 pts- a relationship between the amount of dissolved material and the volume of solvent

20 pts- by its color, by tasting it, by weighing it

30 pts- diluted

40 pts- 50ml of water with 20g of salt

50 pts- so you don’t make your food too strong


Investigation 4:

10 pts- the process of becoming something different

20 pts- when something dissolves it just “disappears” into the solution but when a chemical change happens, a whole new product is formed

30 pts- heat, gas formation, precipitate formation

40 pts- a reactant is a substance INVOLVED in the reaction, a product is what is FORMED from the reaction

50 pts- calcium chloride, citric acid, and baking soda are the reactants. The white substance and gas are the products


Grab Bag:

10 pts- to make foods sour or to preserve them

20 pts- hydrogen, xenon, krypton, radon, helium, argon, etc.

30 pts- A higher than normal concentration of something that is naturally found

40 pts-  92 (the others are man made)

50 pts- alloys are a mixture of metals. They are used to create metals that have more favorable properties (like water resistance, hardness, lightness)


Final Jeopardy:

50ml with 2 teaspoons= 2:2 ratio

100ml with 4 teaspoons= 4:4 ratio

150ml with 5 teaspoons= 6:5 ratio