Research the art or artifact you chose from your Metropolitan Museum of Art webquest.  Create an Animoto presentation about your object (in conjunction with Ms. Sylvia’s Technology class). 




Your project must include the following: 

A bibliography of the sources you used – due Thursday, October 16 

An Animoto presentation of your research – due Thursday, October 23 

 Artifact choice:

Each student must choose a different object from the Metropolitan Museum, so that each presentation will be unique.  Ms. Jennifer must approve your chosen art / artifact, which you have listed on your webquest. 

 Ms. Jennifer will let you know the following day if your object is acceptable for the project. (done Friday, Oct. 10)


Research project:

In your webquest, you gathered basic information about your object.  This may have included an artist’s name, time period, and / or region of the world. 

You will use this information to conduct additional research to learn more about your object and its significance.  Your goal is to tell the “story” of your object.  You will then share what you learned with the class. 

Animoto presentation:

On Thursday, October 23 you will share your Animoto presentation about your object with the class.  Your presentation should include: 

A picture of your object

Its title 

Basic information (like that on the site)

More detailed information about one or more of the areas you researched

You can use additional pictures, music, or other sounds as long as they enhance your presentation.  For example, you wouldn’t want explosion sounds in a presentation about an evening gown from the Costume Institute!

Be prepared to answer questions from your audience.  It’s always a good idea to try and anticipate what people might ask!


Depending on your object, you might investigate information such as: 

The artist’s biography:  Who was s/he?  Why was the work created?  What other works is the artist known for? 

The time period of the object:  What is the date of your artifact?  Is that time period specifically recognized (like the Renaissance)?  If so, what is significant about it?  

Region of the world:  What does your object tell us about the culture in which it was created?  What else was going on in that part of the world at the time your object was made?  

Did the artifact have a practical, everyday use (such as furniture)?  Or did it have a specialized use (such as a weapon)?  Or was it strictly artistic? 

Who used or had the object originally?

You can also include other interesting facts or trivia you discover about your object.


You must use:

AT LEAST 1 Internet source in addition to

AT LEAST 1 print source (books, magazines, encyclopedias, etc.)

You must include a complete bibliography of your research sources using MLA format.  Ms. Jennifer will provide a worksheet for you to record your citations in the correct way.  Remember, a bibliography is a complete list of citations for all of your research sources.

Ms. Jennifer will review and hand back your bibliography the following day so that you can add any additional sources, and refer back to them to complete your Animoto project. 




In addition to Ms. Jennifer’s evaluation, your classmates will be asked to evaluate your presentation based on the information it includes and the overall effectiveness of your Animoto.


You will also complete a self-evaluation about the project.  The self-evaluation will not count toward your grade (unless you don’t complete it).  It is merely a chance to reflect on what you learned or would do differently next time