Imaginary Planet Research


Research an existing planet or celestial object (Literature, Technology, Science)

Using the sites located on Millhopper Tech, research your project.

Search and search again. Below are the topics of your research.

Topics of Research


  • Planet’s Name

    • What does it mean?

    • How did it get it’s name?

  • Something Special

    • Is there anything special about your planet?

    • This can often be the best part of the report, taking you off on interesting topics.

    • i.e. are there 100-year long storms on  your planet? Are there giant volcanoes? Does your planet have a very tilted axis (giving it extreme seasons)? Have spacecraft visited your planet? If so, what have they discovered? Is your planet in an orbital resonance with another body?

  • Position in the Solar System

    • Where is your planet located? How did it get it’s position? (i.e. Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun)

    • How far from the Sun does it orbit?

    • Is its orbit unusual? Explain why?

  • Rotation on its Axis/Orbit

    • How long does it take for your planet to rotate on its own axis? (This is one day on Earth.)

    • How long does it take for your planet to orbit the Sun? (i.e. This is one year on Earth.)

  • Size

    • How big is your planet?

    • How does it rate in terms of the other planet’s sizes (is it the biggest, the smallest)?

    • What is your planet’s mass?

  • Gravity

    • What is the force of gravity at the surface of your planet? (i.e. what would a 100-pound person weigh on your planet?)

  • Atmosphere/temperature

    • What is the composition of the atmosphere of your planet?

    • Is it a thick or thin atmosphere?

    • What is the temperature range of your planet? What causes the changes? Is this the same for the entire orbit of your planet?

    • How does this compare to the temperature of Earth?

    • How does the temperature and atmosphere affect anything on your planet?

  • Composition of your planet and its appearance

    • What type of planet is it (is it rocky, gas giant, etc.?)

    • What is its internal composition?

    • What does your planet look like?

  • Moons/Rings

    • If there are moons orbiting your planet, describe them

    • Tell how, when and by whom they were discovered

    • If there are rings orbiting your planet, describe them and when they were discovered

  • How would a human being fare on your planet

    • On your planet, would a person choke in the atmosphere? Be squashed by the extreme gravity? Float with ease? Freeze? Burn up? Or something else?

  • Discovery of your planet

    • Tell when your planet was discovered and by whom

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