Using the country you chose in Technology with Ms. Sylvia, you will write a 3-5 page report. You must use FOUR online resources and TWO print resources (books or magazines).

In addition to the 3-5 written pages, you must include:

· A bibliography at the end of your report with complete citation of your sources

· A map showing the topographical regions of your country. The outline of the map can be drawn or printed, but the regions MUST be hand-drawn / colored.

Your report must include the following information:

· Where is your country located on the globe? (Asia, North America, etc.)

· Topographical description of your country: Essentially what is your country made out of? (Mountains, deserts, plateaus, grasslands, etc.).

· What is the climate of your country? (Desert, tropical, etc.)

· What is the population of your country? What are the demographics (how many men, women, children; ethnic groups, etc.)

· What type of government rules your country ? When was the current government established? Who are the current political leaders?

· Are any major conflicts happening in your country at this time? If so give a brief description of what is happening.

· According to the Newseum's Press Freedom Map, does your country have a free press, partially free press, or not free press? What is their ranking on the map? List AT LEAST three examples supporting their ranking.


In your concluding paragraphs, write your thoughts on the following:

· In what ways is your country's government and press freedom alike and different than the United States?

· Do you think the location, climate, demographics, and / or current conflicts affect the freedoms allowed by the government? Why or why not?