Step1:  Choose a country from the basket.

Step 2: Using three search engines located in Research and Reference, research the country's government.
Step 3: Using the citation organizer, fill in the information of the websites you found. Also add the search engine used.

Step 4. Write three - five facts about your countries government that are different from America's  government in the venn diagram.

Step 5. Write three - five facts about America's government that are different from your country's government in the venn diagram.

Step 6: Write the similarities in the center of the venn diagram.

STEP 7: Using the the country you chose write the answers to the following questions separately on note cards. There are seven topics and a reference note card, You may use as many note cards as necessary for each topic. The NOTE CARDS ARE DUE: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16

STEP 8: Write a 3 - 5 page report using the information you have on the note cards. This is a ROUGH DRAFT. The ROUGH DRAFT IS DUE: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30

STEP 9: Make corrects from your ROUGH DRAFT. YOUR FINAL REPORT with References is due:
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13. You need five sources, three are provided for you. You will need to get
one other source from the internet and one book.

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