Great Depression/Animoto Lesson


Fifth Great Technology               

Lesson: Animoto

Description:       Using the research you did last week on the Great Depression, you will create a video in Animoto.

Details: Pictures can be located in Research and Reference in Millhoppertech: under  the Royalty Free Pictures and Music link. Use Pictures for Learning or Fickr for Education.

Music can be located in Research/Reference Under Ibeat or Incompetech


Preparing  for your Video: 

1.       Create a folder on the desktop of your computer, in that folder you will download all your photos and your music file. 

2.       Use the Storyboard to layout your video and your text. 

3.       Use your completed storyboard to create your video in Animoto.

Video Rubric:                                     50 

1.       7 – 10 Pictures                     10   

2.       Text for each Photo:       10 

3.       Story Board                       10 

4.       Music                                    10 

5.       Cite sources                        10

 Note: Please cite the website you used for your research and cite each photograph.