Create Andy Warhol Pop Art with Free Program

This tutorial will show you how to make Andy Warhol inspired pop art. This could be used a computer lab activity for older elementary school age students and up.

Andy Warhol Pop Art Activity Pop Art activity for kids

What you will need:

Photofiltre free paint program.
Photofiltre plugin - Arithmetique. Unzip the plugin file and copy the plugin to C:\Program Files\Photofiltre\Plugins.
An image to work with. 

Step One:

Open your picture in photofiltre. Then make a duplicate. Menu > Image > Duplicate.

Warhol Activity for Kids


Step Two:

Activate the first image my clicking on it.  Blur the image with Filter > Visual Effect > Artistic Blur.

Warhol Pop Art Step Two Create Artistic Blur

Step Three:

Give  the first image a posterized effect. Menu > Adjust > Posterize. Experiment with the level slider adjustment.
The level used here is 30.

Warhol Pop Art Step Three Posterize


Step Four:

Activate the duplicate image by clicking on it. Convert the duplicate image to a two-tone black and white image. 
Menu > Adjust > Duotone. Here I've used black and white for color one and two. Experiment, change the
colors for a different effect.

Warhol Pop Art Step Four Duotone


Step Five:

Now combine and blend the two images. Open the Arithmetique plugin. Tools > Plugin > Arithmetique.
Enter this forumula into the plugin:


Image 1 has 100% opacity added to Image 2 with 30% opacity divided by 100. Experiment. Change the opacity. 
Click the preview button to see the results. Then click OK when done.

Warhol Pop Art Step Five Arithmetique

Step Six:

Use the color palette, paint bucket, brushes and spray can to paint your image. Here I've used to line tool to add some extra fun. Save the image when done painting.

Warhol Pop Art Step Six Paint

Step Seven:

Create a duplicate of your image. Menu > Image > Duplicate.

Warhol Pop Art Step Seven Duplicate


Step Eight:

Activate the duplicate by clicking on it. 
Swap the colors of the duplicate. Menu > Adjust > Swap RGB Channel. 
There are several choices in this panel. Choose one that makes the colors as different from image one as possible. 
Right click on the duplicate and choose copy. Now minimize the duplicate.

Warhol Pop Art Step Eight Swap RGB Channel

Step Nine:

Activate the first image by clicking on it. Paste the duplicate next to it. Edit > Paste special > Assemble. Assemble clipboard data at Right. Click OK.

Warhol Pop Art Step Nine Assemble


Step Ten:

You will now have two images side by side.
Right click and copy the combined images.

Warhol Pop Art Step Ten Combine Images


Step Eleven:

Swap the colors of the combined images. Menu > Adjust > Swap RGB channel. As before, choose some colors that are very different from the originals.

Warhol Pop Art Step Eleven Swap RGB Channels

Step Twelve:

Paste the originals under these. Menu > Edit > Paste Special > Assemble > Bottom.

Warhol Pop Art Step Twelve Assemble Bottom


Final Result:

Here is the final result. To make changes before saving, use the undo button.

Warhol Pop Art DONE


 Copyright Steve Lee Ignacio 2009 – 2010