Welcome to the Fifth Grade Research Assignment Webquest. The goal of this assignment is to learn about various disabilities, illnesses and diseases. As a follow up to our novel Wonder, you will research your assigned disability, complete a webquest (worksheet below), create a trifold brochure with information about your disability, identify challenges a person with that particular disability would encounter at our school, 

You will complete parts of your assignment in Media, Technology, and Composition classes, as well as some work on your own. 



Step 1:           Research disability/disease

Step 2:           Answer Webquest Questions 

Step 3:           Write an Outline

Step 4:           Write a Rough Draft

Step 5:           Disability Day at School

Step 6:           Choose Important Facts from Disability Day at School and Research

Step 7:           Create a Brochure in Lucidpress (located in Google Apps for Education)


Click your disability below for links to research.

Project Timeline

Friday, October 28:                    Project introduction in Media

Wednesday, November 2:         Research and Lucidpress for brochure in Technology

Friday, November 4:                  Research in Media

Tuesday, November 8:               DUE - Webquest to Ms.Jennifer

Wednesday, November 9:         Research and Lucidpress for brochure in Technology

Tuesday, November 15:             DUE – Outline / rough draft of brochure to Ms. Jennifer

                                                     Work on school accessibility survey in Composition

Wednesday, November 16:        Google Sheets with school accessibility data in Technology

Tuesday, November 29:             DUE – Final brochure + School accessibility survey results


Each student will research a topic.

Fabiana:        Muscular Dystrophy  -    Parent's Magazine   -   About Kid's Health   -   Britannica                            

Anthony:       Visual impairment - News Medical Life Sciences  - Special Education Guide  -   CDC

Stasi:              Autism  -  National Institute of Neurological Disorders  -   Mental Health  -  CDC

Ivo:                 Dyslexia -   Understood  -  Dyslexic Kids  - Smart Kids

Avery:            Hearing impairment- ASHA  -  CDC  -   Healthy Hearing

Ben:                ADHD  -  The Science of ADHD   - CDC   -  Britannica

Clara:             Dwarfism  -   Mayo Clinic   -  Understanding Genetics  -  Health of Children

Stian:             Down syndrome   -   Kid's Health  -  National Down Syndrome Society -  NADS

Brooklyn:      Cerebral palsy  -   Kid's Health  -  CDC -   Healthy Children

Vivie:              Proteus syndrome -   NORD  -  PSF  -  Steady Health

Amelia:          Fragile X  -  Boston Children's Hospital  -   March of Dimes   -  Healthline

DJ:                   Cystic fibrosis  - Children's National Health   -  CFF   -  CHP

Michael:        Microcephaly  -  Boston Children's Hospital - CDC   -  Cleveland Clinic

Penny:           Epilepsy  -  Healthy Children  -  Epilepsy Foundation   - Epilepsy Society

Emya:             Sickle cell anemia  -  Children's National Health  -  NIH -  Mayo Clinic

Ella:                Polio - Encyclopedia  -  History  - Healthline  - Stanford Children's Health

Manny:          Cleft lip and palette  -  ASHA - CDC - Children's Hospital of St. Louis

Name _____________________________________________

Fifth Grade Composition and Technology

Disability Webquest – DUE Tuesday, November 8


Using the resources provided for you on millhoppertech at , research the answers to the following questions. Please write your response in COMPLETE  and CORRECT sentences, unless otherwise indicated.

You will have class time in Media and Technology to work on this, BUT you may need to devote additional time.

 My assigned research topic is __________________________________________________ .


  1. What kind of disability is this? Circle one or more that apply.


Congenital              Physical                  Mental                    Learning


Other __________________________________________

 2. How common is this condition? (How many people in the United States or the world are affected?)


 3. How is it diagnosed? (How does a doctor or other professional determine a person has this disability?)


 4. How does someone acquire this disability or disease? Does it develop on its own, and / or is it the result of injury or illness?


 5. Describe how this disability or condition affects the person. Are there different levels of severity? Can it affect different people in different ways?

 6. What challenges might someone with this disability or condition have?

 7. What accommodations, tools, or technology can help a person with this disability?

 8. What are some organizations that help support people with this disability?

  9. Who is a famous or important person who was affected by this disability? Write a brief summary of their life, challenges faced, and how they adapted or overcame those challenges.

 10.What other information did you find that was interesting, that wasn’t covered elsewhere?