Welcome to the Second Grade Home Page. Have fun learning! Click on the Images and Links to help with Reading, Math, Science, History, Geography and Research Skills.


Click the Five Kingdoms for Mr. Richard's Five Kingdoms Unit. Click the Fossils for Ms. Anita's Fossils Unit.


Click Cleopatra for "Learn All About Egypt. Click the farm house to learn about communities.


Click the Laptop for Interactive sites on all skills.


Brain Pop Jr, enhances thinking skills. Be sure to check back each week for the free movie of the week.


Click below to learn how to research on the Internet. 


Click the Keyboard, to practice typing. Click the History Book for History Skills.


 Click the map for Geography Skills, Click the beaker for Science Skills.

Enhance your skills, Click the Images below for Math and Language Arts. 

Click the safe search engines below for help on researching.