Researching Tips:


Use the Link located in the Animal Research Tab or links in Research & Reference

When searching, use phrases.

Use the questions below and add your information. Write out the answers on a separate sheet of paper, using complete sentences. You will write two drafts; a first draft, then a final draft. Each draft must include sources.

Be sure to write down your sources

Please know the difference between a browser, search engine and the actual website.

Fourth Grade Animal Research

The Florida animal I chose to research is the ____________________. 



The ______ is a vertebrate or invertebrate (choose one) and a insect, bird, reptile, mammal, fish, etc.

If, for example, you choose a reptile, is it a turtle, lizard, snake, or alligator.


In what environment does the animal live? wetlands, forest, salt water, fresh water, etc.


How does the animal reproduce? born alive, by means of eggs, etc. How long is the gestation period? Does it build unusual nests? Does it care for its offspring?


What does the animal eat?


What is the size of the animal and weight as an adult. How long is its lifespan?


How does the animal move? creeping, walking, flying, swimming, other?


Who/what are its natural or other enemies? Is it endangered? If yes, how many are left in the state of Florida or the world?


Is it able to hide? If so, how?


Write four more details, not stated above about the animal.